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UPDATE: January 19th, 2014: Super Bowl 48 takes place on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 at 6:25pm (EST) with the Seattle Seahawks facing the Denver Broncos. It’s going to be an AMAZING game! The game will be broadcast on FOX. 


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NFL To Stream 2012 Playoffs And Super Bowl Online

Posted: December 19, 2012


The NFL announced that they will be streaming the playoffs and Super Bowl on the internet this year. This is great news for all football fans!


For more details, here is the story on Mashable.

Top 5 NFL Games In Week 2


While every week 2 game is interesting, there are a few key match-ups that are better than the rest:


1.Chicago at Green Bay (Thursday Night) – This one is in Green Bay and on National TV and Green Bay lost last week. Should be interesting.

2. Baltimore at Philadelphia – Baltimore’s no huddle offense looked great last week and will look to continue their success  at Philadelphia.

3. Dallas at Seattle – Seattle looks to bounce back after a tough loss to Arizona in week 1. Dallas will try to keep the tempo up to keep Seattle’s good defense guessing.

4. New York Jets at Pittsburgh – Jets looked amazing last week and the Steelers need a win after dropping their opener.

5. Detroit at San Francisco – In a rematch of two feisty teams lead by two feisty coaches (who almost came to blows after last year’s game) The Lions travel West to San Francisco to play the 49ers on Sunday Night National TV.








Seattle Seahawks QB Competition

Posted by: Josh Graham on: August 22, 2012


The Seattle Seahawks have made A LOT of news this off season with new jerseys, a Matt Flynn signing, as well as drafting a defensive end that nobody had them taking in the first round in Bruce Irving.

In addition to all of that, with the recent news that they will start rookie Russel Wilson over Flynn in what most people would say is the most important pre-season game has the nation wondering what the heck Pete Carrol is doing.  I certainly couldn’t tell you but I think I can lead you in the right direction. Russel Wilson has been a great leader, teammate and most importantly, a great quarterback everywhere he’s played football. In college, he was elected team captain after only 2 months of being with the team. He has been told he is too short to play in the NFL but Wilson said he’s been this height his whole adult life so he adapted his dynamic play making ability to the position that taller QB’s cannot match.

Wilson has a strong arm and can buy time with his feet, a few things Flynn lacks. Although Russel has those intangibles, the kid is still a rookie and lacks the knowledge that Flynn has gained being in the NFL for four years. With that said, If Wilson can have a good game on Friday on the road against Kansas City and their excellent defense, he should win the Seahawks starting job at QB for the 2012 season.

Don’t count Flynn out though, if Wilson has an average to below average game, Matt Flynn could still step up and flourish in this offense and take the job.  Seattle has a great defense and they feel like once they figure out the quarterback position, they will take a big leap forward and compete for the division and the playoffs. Friday will be a huge game for the Seahawks franchise and they might just find their QB of the future.

Top 3 NFL Games From Week 1

Posted: July 27, 2012


nfl1The NFL Training Camps have started so it’s time to start talking some football! In this post, I’ll cover what I believe are the top 3 match-ups in week 1 of the NFL this year.


1. Dallas at New York Giants

This is a big one. It kicks off the NFL regular season on national TV and these teams absolutely hate each other. The Giants are defending Super Bowl champions and the Cowboys definitely have something to prove. It should be a great game.


2. San Francisco at Green Bay

This is my game of the week. The 49ers had a great year last year and Green Bay is obviously one of the top teams in the NFL as well. This is going to be a barn burner and I can’t wait to see it.


3. Pittsburgh at Denver

You have to include this game on the list. Everyone wants to see how Peyton Manning does in a Broncos jersey and his first game will be a huge test against one of the best defenses in the NFL.



NFL Training Camp Begins

Posted: July 25, 2012


Well football fans, it’s FINALLY that time of year….football is BACK baby! Today, 7 NFL teams began training camp; Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys.

The rest of the team’s will start training camp within the next couple of days.


At last, it’s time for some FOOTBALL!


Drew Brees Signs 100 Million Dollar Deal


It’s official, New Orleans fans can breathe a deep sigh of relief because today, Drew Brees officially signed a 5 year, 100 million dollar contract.


Brees Twitter


July 15, 2012. 

NFL Moves Sunday Doubleheader Afternoon Games 10 Minutes Later

In a smart move, the NFL announced that it was moving all of the 4:15pm (Eastern Time) doubleheader games 10 minutes later to 4:25pm. This is intended to reduce overlap from when the first game of the day goes a little long.

All 4:15pm games have now been reschedule to 4:25 and we have updated our schedule to reflect the change. The 4:05pm (Eastern Time) games are not being moved since they are not part of a double header.


More NFL Teams Using iPads For Playbooks

Posted: June 24th, 2012


More and more NFL teams are getting rid of their huge phone book size playbooks and putting their entire playbook on the iPad instead.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first team to announce this change followed by the Baltimore Ravens and then a few months later, the Denver Broncos.

This past week, the Miami Dolphins announced that they are also moving to iPads and getting rid of their paper playbooks. They are the fourth NFL team to do this and I expect that eventually, every team will make the switch.


Miami Dolphins Get Hard Knocks

Posted: May 29, 2012


It’s official, the Miami Dolphins will be the team on this year’s Hard Knocks TV show on HBO. Several teams turned the opportunity down (Jets, Cowboys, Seahawks) and while I would have rather seen the Jets on there, I am excited to get a good inside peak at the Dolphins training camp come August.

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